Chronic Low Back Pain

Living with Chronic Low Back Pain?

Low back pain is a common problem that affects about 80% of adults at some point in their lives, and is the leading cause of job-related disability. For some people this pain is chronic, which means it lasts over a long period of time, and may require the long-term, daily use of pain medications. Local doctors are looking for people with low back pain for clinical research studies of an investigational medication. Doctors are studying this medication to see if it may provide pain relief without certain risks of common prescription pain medication. For more information, click here.

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Explore Your Options – Chronic Low Back Pain

If you take part in a Chronic Low Back Pain study, you will:
  • Receive exams
  • Receive study medication at no charge
Compensation for time and travel may be provided, health insurance not required. You may be eligible to participate in a Chronic Low Back Pain research study if you :
  • Are 18 years of age or older
  • Currently receiving treatment
  • Seen a doctor for pain
Take the questionnaire to your left now to see if you may qualify for this clinical research study.


Name: Justin Busby, LPN, CRC
Phone: 813-870-1292, ext. 126