About Us

About Us

In 1994, hospitals and academic centers were the primary locations for research on new medications. It was during this time that Lynne Merriam had an idea. An idea about a private, family owned business whose only job was to conduct research studies for new medicines.

In 1994, after establishing her business model, Merriam and two local physicians formed Gulf Coast Clinical Associates. In 1995, she decided to purchase and rename the company to Clinical Research of West Florida. A few months later, the physicians returned to their private practices and Merriam brought in step-daughter, Sara McGilvary. Together, they laid the foundation for what has become a thriving business.

Over the past 20 years, CRWF has reached over 10,000 patients and successfully conducted over 1,000 Phase I-IV research studies. The company’s model of a private research-only company has become wide-spread throughout America. CRWF’s founders are proud to be one of the first and one of the best in quality of performance and most importantly, in patient satisfaction.



Lynne Merriam partners with two local physicians to start “Gulf Coast Clinical Associates”


Dr. Lynne Merriam purchases company and names “Clinical Research of West Florida”

Sara McGilvary joins company as Vice President


Purchase of new property at 2147 NE COACHMAN ROAD


Company expands and requires a full-time Regulatory Department, headed by Sara McGilvary


CRWF acquires building in Tampa to expand company

President ,Aydin Keskiner joins company


Clearwater’s office is given a renovation to become a state-of-the-art facility, including a stand alone Phase I Unit


Staff reaches over 25 full-time employees


Plans move forward to build new location in Tampa