About Us

In 1994, hospitals and academic centers were the primary locations for research on new medications. It was during this time that Lynne Merriam had an idea. An idea about a private, family owned business whose only job was to conduct research studies for new medicines.

In 1994, after establishing her business model, Merriam and two local physicians formed Gulf Coast Clinical Associates. In 1995, she decided to purchase and rename the company to Clinical Research of West Florida. A few months later, the physicians returned to their private practices and Merriam brought in step-daughter, Sara McGilvary. Together, they laid the foundation for what has become a thriving business.

Over the past 20 years, CRWF has reached over 10,000 patients and successfully conducted over 1,000 Phase I-IV research studies. The company’s model of a private research-only company has become wide-spread throughout America. CRWF’s founders are proud to be one of the first and one of the best in quality of performance and most importantly, in patient satisfaction.

Our Staff

Our team includes experienced medical professionals and administrative personnel. All of our Clearwater and Tampa clinical study coordinators are trained and/or certified in GCP/ICH compliance, CRC role and responsibilities, Human Subject Protection, HAZMAT (shipping and handling of dangerous goods) and CPR.

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* Available for Spanish speaking patients.


Maria Garcia-Cardona

Conducting Research since 2018 *

Stephen Kreitzer

Internal Medicine & Pain Management
Conducting research since 1987

Kevin Pages

Conducting research since 2019

Robert Tawil

Conducting research since 2004

Don Perez

Conducting research since 1982

Sasha Noe

Internal Med / Cannabis Research
Conducting Research since 2015

Mouna Bacha

Internal Medicine Specialist
Conducting Research Since 2017

Alan Weintraub

Conducting Research Since 2018

Carissa Stone

Pain (& Interventional Pain) Management
Conducting Research Since 2013

Anoop K. Goyal

Conducting Research Since 2016

Thomas S. Walter

Conducting Research Since 2009

Michael J. Brucculeri

Conducting Research Since 2016

Abraham R. Totah

Conducting Research Since 2003

Jack Parrino

Allergy & Asthma
Conducting Research Since 2010

Mahesh Amin

Conducting Research Since 2015

Kevin Joseph Donnelly

Conducting Research Since 2012

Jonathan Mines

Ophthalmologist & Retina Specialist
Conducting Research Since 2006

* Available for Spanish speaking patients.

  • “It has been my pleasure to be included in the studies to aid in solving the problems of C.O.P.D. I have participated in numerous said studies since 2004.I can truthfully say each and every study was conducted with absolute professionalism. ”

    - Ron F.
  • Excellent care. The staff is very professional and makes you feel comfortable all the time. Thank you Dr. Lunseth and Justin for showing that knowledge and compassion can come together.

    - Tania M
  • This was my first time at this place and I am sure it won’t be the last. I was very impressed with how professional and informative and kind their staff is. I would refer anyone I know who is in need of help for a variety of conditions. I give them 10 stars !!!

    - Vincent F.
  • Thanks again for all your hospitality and great clinical working environment! Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help either in clinical participation or just spread the good word about this wonderful clinic! Keep up the good work!

    - Paul V.
  • Great place and service. Was involved in a trial for a new drug and received a personal touch Everytime I was there.

    - Kevin B.