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All clinical research sites are provided study-related medications and medical devices for trials. New study-related medications and devices are developed through well-established guidelines and regulations designed by the FDA to ensure their safety and effectiveness by the time they reach the public. Additionally, clinical sites are required to report to the Institutional Review Board (IRB) that monitors the patient’s experience throughout the study’s trial period.

How Does the Study Work?

Volunteers must meet all the inclusion criteria to qualify for the study.

A consent form is signed outlining what is expected during the trial. All volunteers may withdraw from the study at any given time.

Once enrolled, volunteers will receive medical treatment at no cost, along with any additional treatments necessary for the completion of the study.

Volunteers will receive care from a trained group of medical professionals that monitor all of the volunteers’ responses to medications being administered and are alerted immediately if any problems arise.

Each volunteer’s health is monitored during and after the trial at no cost.

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Benefits of Clinical Research:

Minimal waiting times

Private and quiet exam rooms

Receive all study-related medication and treatment at no cost

Compensation may be provided for time and travel

Expert medical care provided for the condition being studied

You will be helping others by contributing to medical research

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