For Physicians

We believe participation in a research trial is an excellent opportunity to augment traditional therapy and we hope you will choose to offer your patients this alternative.

We comply with whichever means you prefer to identify prospective study participants. However, we understand that this can be a time consuming task and want to express our willingness to meet all of the obligations regarding protection of your patient’s PHI while performing the review for you.

The objective is to work together to provide an alternative treatment option for your patients while operating within the scope of the privacy rule. Read Our Privacy Rule

Contact Information

Please contact Aydin Keskiner, President, for more information at:

Phone: 727-466-0078

You and Us – How Does This Work?

WE ARE NOT a practice.

WE DO NOT see patients outside their study visits.

YOU CONTINUE to SEE YOUR patients throughout their study participation.

WE DO NOT continue to see your patients after their study participation is over.

YOUR PATIENTS are referred to YOU for any health issues identified during their participation which occur outside the realm of the study.

WE DO PROVIDE YOU with study procedure reports for YOUR patients which are not considered confidential by the study sponsor (Physical Exams, Lab Reports, Study Procedure Reports, etc.).

WE REIMBURSE YOUR office an administrative fee for time and work involved in identification of potential study candidates who successfully enter a study.

WE DO as MUCH or as LITTLE of the identification process as YOU want.

YOU determine which process YOU prefer to contact potential study patients.

WE PAY YOU monthly (as appropriate), not just when we receive payment.

Come Join the Future of Medicine in Tampa Bay!

Patient Focused Care
Patient Focused Care

Making a Difference by Advancing Medicine for Future Generations

Reputation for Excellence in Clinical Trial Conduct

Highly Educated and Trained Clinical Research Staff

Access to Cutting Edge Medicine
Access to Cutting Edge Medicine

Provide Exceptional One-On-One Care to Patients

Levels of Involvement

Reimbursement Provided at All Levels


(Minimal Involvement)

Inform Patients About Research Opportunities & Refer Those Interested

Identify Potential Patients

Provide Medical Records of Potential Patients with Patient Approval (Per HIPAA Guidelines)


(Moderate Involvement)

Includes all Administrative Functions

Complete Protocol & GCP Training

Conduct Study-Related Procedures

Sign-off on Study-Related Labs & Procedures

Available to CRWF Staff & Study Monitors for Subject-Related Questions and Patient Oversight


(Highest Involvement)

Includes all Administrative & Sub-Investigator Functions

Responsible for All Aspects of Study Facilitation & Oversight

Regular Office Hours at CRWF 1-2Hrs/Wk

Sign-off on Study-Related Labs, Procedures & Physicals

Travel to Investigator Meetings for New Protocols


All studies are conducted under the supervision of the FDA, individual physicians and independent Institutional Review Boards while testing the efficacy and safety of existing and new medications for Phase I-IV studies

Highly trained clinical staff capable of conducting research in a wide range of specialty areas

CRWF operates two independent, multi-specialty research facilities

Successful completion of more than 1,000 clinical trials


Our Clearwater and Tampa facilities are open Monday through Thursday 8:00am-5:00pm and Fridays 8:00am-4:00pm.

Want to join our team? Please give us a call at 727-466-0078 or email us at